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The solutions for water-based industrial coatings

Chinacoat 2023 has come to a successful conclusion, and BoGao Chemical is pleased to announce that they have achieved excellent results at this years exhibition. In particular, the company has made significant progress in water-based products, demonstrating its dedication to innovation and excellence in the coatings industry.

During the show, BoGao showcased its leading solutions for water-based industrial coating , highlighting the numerous benefits and advantages of these environmentally friendly products. The companys booth attracted a lot of attention from industry professionals, this interaction provides companies with valuable insights and feedback that will help enhance BoGao future products and services.

“We would like to sincerely thank all our customers who took the time to visit our booth at Chinacoat 2023,” said BoGao sales manager . “Their participation and involvement contributed greatly to the success of our exhibition and we sincerely thank them for their continued support and cooperation.” .

BoGao’s water-based resin and curing agent offer a wide range of properties and benefits that set them apart from traditional solvent-based products. Not only are these water-based products more environmentally friendly, they also offer excellent durability, adhesion and corrosion resistance. Additionally, they emit low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them a top choice for environmentally conscious consumers and regulators.

The company’s commitment to research and development allows it to offer a diverse portfolio of waterborne products to meet the unique needs and requirements of various industries. From protective coatings for automotive and transportation applications to high-performance coatings for industrial uses, BoGao’s waterborne products have proven to be reliable, effective solutions for a variety of coating needs.

Looking to the future, BoGao remains committed to providing high-quality, sustainable coatings that not only meet the changing needs of the industry, but also adhere to the company’s principles of environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction. With a strong focus on innovation and customer collaboration, the company is well-positioned to continue leading the development and production of advanced waterborne coatings raw material.

Chinacoat2023-Bogao booth

Post time: Dec-23-2023