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BoGao Launches Multifunctional Application-C21 Dicarboxylic acid/BG-1550

BG-1550 Diacid is a liquid C21 monocyclic dicarboxylic acid prepared from vegetable oil fatty acids. It can be used as a surfactant and chemical intermediate. Mainly used as industrial cleaning agents, metal working fluids, textile additives, oilfield corrosion inhibitors, etc.

BG-1550 Diacid salt is a non ionic, anionic surfactant and a highly effective coupling agent for phenolic disinfectants.

BG-1550 can be used as a synergistic agent for non-ionic surfactants in hard surface cleaning, suitable for various non-ionic and anionic alkaline systems, and can improve the cloud point, wetting, dirt removal, hard water resistance, rust prevention, formula stability, and other properties of cleaning agent products. It can significantly increase the solubility of non ionic surfactants in strong alkalis at high temperatures and is the preferred raw material for heavy scale surface cleaning agents. It is also one of the few co-solvents that can provide multiple performance and high cost-effectiveness at the same time.

BG-1550 Diacid and its salts can provide ideal solubility, rust resistance, and lubricity in metal processing.

BG-1550 Diacid ester derivatives can also be used in lubricants and plasticizers, giving them good physical properties and are very suitable for conditions with a wide temperature range.


Post time: Nov-10-2023